“Walter was a true pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any organization.  Walt designs training for the boards, select volunteers and executive staff that motivated everyone.  Attendees participate in role plays that were right on target! Participants learn a lot and had some terrific conversations about our opportunities and challenges.”

Jan Walch
Development Associate
Aging Care Connections
La Grange, IL

Hansen & Associates provides training for your Board and Staff.  All training experiences begin with “Frontloading.” Frontloading is the process of determining prior to any training experience the answer to several questions.

  • What are the outcomes you expect?
  • What are the issues you want to discuss, train, or educate your staff and/or Board on?
  • What are the potential obstacles either from individuals or philosophical differences you might encounter?
  • What techniques would be best used – formal presentations, role playing, visits with staff and Boards of similar organizations, a retreat, a “spa” day.
  • What approaches would be the best to even begin the discussion about the training?
  • Who are you allies and who might offer resistance? How do you convince any potential naysayers?

Hansen & Associates is most often asked to offer training on the following subjects:

  • How does our Board become more knowledgeable and effective?
  • Is our plan strategic?  Do we have a Mission and Vision statement that we understand and use?
  • Have we ever discussed the role of social impact in our Mission?
  • Have we explored Major Gifts? How do ever become successful without them?
  • What are the essentials of a solid fund raising program? How does the Board buy into it?
  • How do we move to the “next level”?  Some believe we are just where we ought to be.
  • Evaluations?  The positive role they can play.

We are open to any request and will do training that will have results.  We will do so with respect for the talents and gifts that exist in your organization, maintain a sense of humor, and when we finish you Board and staff will feel that their time was well-spent.


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