“I want to thank you for your excellent work with us.  Your expertise, wisdom, and sense of humor were invaluable.  It was a pleasure to work with you. “
Reverend Kenneth  J. Fischer, STL
Retired Pastor  

Start with a Feasibility Study
When asked about my approach to Capital Campaigns the first thing I suggest is considering a Feasibility Study. Feasibility Studies are not necessary in every case but can prove to be a valuable tool.

A brief overview of what a Feasibility Study is intended to accomplish:

  • Develop relationships with  your  key stakeholders.
  • Meet a wide range of friends and potential donors and learn the issues that may be on their minds, ask questions designed to help you prepare a Case Statement, and assess their willingness to be part of the Campaign leadership and the level at which they might contribute.
  • Learn first hand the traditions your donors connect with your organization and the value they place on these traditions.
  • Develop ideas for Campaign strategies that will not require a learning curve should you decide to do a Campaign.

See the strengths and challenges of your fundraising infrastructure.

How much will any or all of this cost?

  • Feasibility Studies consist of five or more focus groups and/or individual interviews depending on the needs of the client we are serving.
  • The cost for our Capital Campaign service, once again, depends on the services the client requests.
    These services may include: 
    – advice on Campaign structure and strategy that everyone is comfortable with and that respects the talents leadership brings to the project
    – establishing  a realistic Campaign goal
    – recruiting a Campaign steering committee and volunteers to implement the Campaign strategy
    – writing a Case Statement; preparing printed materials for the Campaign
    – Board development; prospect identification
    – evaluation of infrastructure in place and how it can be used in a Campaign
    – and, doing SWAT analysis to finalize attitudes and goals for a Campaign.
  • The cost of  the design and printing of Campaign materials is not included in the pricing of our Campaigns.  These cost are paid by our clients directly to their supplier-of-choice for these services.

Your monthly retainer may include planning, meetings, training, preparations of letters and other written materials including but not limited to training materials, speeches, briefing papers, reports including a monthly written report to the leadership on all campaign activity.


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