What is Project Giraffe?

I have been asked to do “development audits” in the past. These usually ended in someone losing their job, and I decided enough with the negative.  This project is an extensive examination of your current development efforts based on STRENGTHS. Through interviews with staff, board, and donors we want to analyze your efforts and present a clear, honest, and comprehensive report. Like the Giraffe, are you out in front leading the pack or bogged down in endless process that never seems to have an impact?  Despite their apparent sameness, every giraffe has a different pattern.  Do your donors see you just like every other charity they support? How can you stand out from the crowd?  Do you view your landscape from the “ground” or, like a giraffe, do you see the horizon from a different perspective?  Project Giraffe is a positive approach that taps into strengths.