For over twenty-five years, Hansen & Associates has been preparing letters, speeches, foundation proposals, “White Papers,” fund raising plans, and appeal letters crafted to our client’s needs. We strive to understand the audience you wish to reach. We realize that no two organizations have the same audience and historical context.

It can be difficult to write when you do not know a person’s voice. Reading past correspondence, speeches, articles, columns you have written, and your social media presence can be a great help. Nothing can compare to our meeting you, taking time to listen, asking questions, and interviewing others around you to find those characteristics unique to your style an “presence.”

We can find your “voice.” Everything we prepare for you will be clear, concise, and professionally proofread. You will be provided with research when necessary, Above all, we guarantee complete confidentiality. All materials become your property.

We guarantee creative materials, geared to the outcomes you establish, at affordable rates. We hope to use your voice to find a fresh perspective for your thoughts and ideas.

Drop us a note at for more information.