Hansen & Associates is a boutique, Chicago-based consultancy.  While some may see security in a large firm, we have the advantages that come from economy of size and location.

  • Hansen & Associates has a proven track  record in fundraising and has built relationships in the fund raising community and understands the workings of not–for–profits at all levels. Economy of size allows us to have lower overhead than larger firms. This, along with an understanding of the economics of not-for-profits, will help control costs.
  • Since we have a long history in the fundraising community, we are able to bring competent professionals who know the fundraising community to work with us when necessary.
  • You will deal directly with the person responsible for the Campaign as well as for the reputation of the company. No bureaucracy. No hierarchy. No wiggle room.
  • Locality, size, availability, accountability, knowledge of the not-for-profits gives you the control and access you will need to succeed.

What can you expect if Hansen & Associates works with you?

  • Along with knowledge of your organization, your Case Statement, and an understanding of the issues you face, Hansen & Associates brings you one major gift: you will not get a “cookie cutter” campaign.  There is no manual sitting on a shelf where only the first page is changed by placing your name on it.  No! You will have a campaign tailored directly to you. A structure, strategy, and process determined by your realities, while relying on proven fundraising practices, will be built for you.
  • We pride ourselves on our availability, flexibility, willingness to work with a wide variety of people, interests, and personal commitment to your mission and needs.

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