“I enthusiastically recommend Walter to aid in your development department talent searches. Walter has a keen sense of development talent and potential. After searching for over a year on my own, Walter recommended a professional whom I eventually hired and added a high level of professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm to our staff.”

Mark J. Teresi, CFRE
Assistant to the Rector for Planning and Development
Holy Name Cathedral
Chicago, IL

We will conduct a comprehensive search for Administrative or Development staff for your organization. For any job search, we work to carefully plan the entire process with you so that there are no surprises. The first part of the plan we call “front loading.”

“Front loading” consists of carefully planning the search, orchestrating each step carefully with the end in mind, and establishing metrics by which we will judge our success.  Did the initial process result in a good pool of candidates?  Were the interviews successful and produce a qualified candidate who is a good fit for your organization?  Did the candidate stay for six months and meet the goals laid out at the time of hire? In the course of the first six months did the hire prove to be a quick learner, be both a good team member and a leader, and prove effective in the position?

Here are a few options that we would pursue for a full search:

Option 1:
To conduct a comprehensive search for a Development Director for your organizaiton. The process will include but not be limited to: meeting with Board and staff members to determine the qualities and qualifications candidates must have; prepare a job description to be approved by the appropriate staff and Board members; to place the job description on web sites and print sources; to screen candidates and forward to the Board and staff several candidates for phone interviews; to set up personal interviews with the most appropriate candidates; to work with the Board and staff, if they wish, on the final determination of a person for the position; and, to work with the staff and Board to determine appropriate goals for the hire for the first six months.

Option 2:
Some not-for-profits choose to outsource their Development Office.   Hansen & Associates
can provide this service.  We have experience in all aspects of fund raising and communications.

The options listed above are by no means meant to be exclusive. They will be specifically tailored to each organization’s needs for their search.

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